My life in the future My life in the future will be colorful and meaningful.I'm going to be a good doctor after I graduate from the university.I believeI'll bring my parents health and happiness.In my spare time,I'll stay with myfamily.We'll travel a lot

题目:Something about the future正文:Not long in the future,people's life will have big changes as well as people's basic necessities of life.Even there will be robots appearing to help us.And there will be pilotless automobile which can help us get to

My hometown People often say that most beautiful but hometown of water.My hometown although nothing places of interest, nor metropolis of lively, but a picturesque, charming scenery.Not far from my house stuck in a limpid creek. Green river in

My town in the future My hometown is in the southeast of Shandong, a seaside village. It is a small village. There are about 600 people. Most of them are peasants. They mainly plant wheat, corn and cotton. Some of them often go fishing in the sea.

Now I am a junior middle school student who is busy with my lessons every day.Although I am working very hard,I have some difficulties in my learning.So,I am trying my best to make friends with both my classmates and my teachers as well.Only

My future I like writing and taking photos, I have learnt to write and take photos for some years. I do well in them. So, when I grow up , I would like to be a reporter. To be a reporter ,I need many skills. First, I should write well and take photos well.

I have a wish, I want to be a doctor. When I die I want to see someone to help them, but I can not help them. So I want to be a doctor. I can help many people, but now I have to study hard so that it can be a doctor. If and when the doctor, I will let people

With the development of science and technology, our lives have changed a lot in the past century. Many things that wouldn't happen before have come into reality now. Therefore, our lives will change as well in the future. Our pace of live will greatly

未来生活(Life in the future) People will be become more and more richer in the future.Everything will change.For example: we didn't go to schoool for study, we only stay at home to teach ourselves with computer. No matter where we want to go,

My future Sometimes I think about my future.But I am always a little scared.Because I do not know what I will be,in the future. Now,I know,my ambition is to be a famous musician. Because I want to give people a lot of fun.Music makes people happy.

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