I want to be a famous writer in the future.I like to write stories for kids.The stories will be short and funny.My teacher said I was good at writing.But I still need to improve my English,too.Then I can write stories in English.So the kids from all over the world can read my stories.

After a hundred years "Bell", a noise awakened me from the dream, I looked at the bedside of the calendar, you! I have to sleep a hundred years, and is now the 2109! I looked at all directions, "the house in how it all decorations, furniture then?"

As time goes by,there are going to be big changes in our everyday lives in the future.For example,As time goes by,there are going to be big changes in our everyday life.For example,when we are hungry,we don't need to cook in a hurry.Just take


my past,now and futureThe memory of my past always makes me feel sad,because I was not good at wrting in English before.When I had a writing homework ,I always became nervous and my mind was blank all.I had to ask friends on the wed for

My Plan for the Future Home My mother once said, “Find what you love to do, and then find a way to make money doing it.” I do believe I have found that something. For the last seven years, there has been no question of what I want to be when I

我的过去,现在和未来 I am a student, and I have to study English in the school now. In the past, I did not like English at all. I didn't understand why I should study English while I have decided I will stay in China in the future. Then I found out by chance

want to be a reporter I have a good dream. I'm going to be a repoter when I grow up. I'm going to read When I was child , I liked play. For now, I am a student, I love study and I read many books and practise writhing every day. I'm going to write

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