wish teacher have good health

Do not worry about your weight,because I have a good idea about losing your weight.First,Doing some housework can help you reduce extra fat.After that,Going out to take some exercise especialy jogging can keep your fit effectively.The most

What are unhealthy foods?重点词汇释义 不健康 ill-being; insalubrity; sickness 食物 food; eatables; edibles; aliment; bread 哪些 which; what; who

You must change your eating habits,because you aren't healthy at all. 祝你新年快乐,学习更上一层楼!请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)

Healthy physical performance:1. The energy is abundant.Energy is abundant indicating the body is not in a state of exhaustion or illness, this time we do things the enthusiasm and efficiency will be improved.2. treat things can have an optimistic

可以翻译为:Maybe I am a little bit unhealthy.

unhealthy 英 [n'helθ] 美 [n'hlθi] adj. 不健康的;危险的;有害身心健康的unhealthy 不健康的,不益健康的,不正之风mentally unhealthy 精神不健全的Unhealthy trends 歪风邪气,不良倾向

He is healthier now than before.

查了一下《牛津高阶》和《英汉大词典2》,healthy和unhealthy可以身心兼指,但 但是似乎没有讲心态不健康也可以用unhealthy. 我理解的汉语中“不健康的心态”是介乎

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