behaving well is the secret of getting on well with others. how to behave well? and how to be a good student? my opinion is 1. be polite, punctual, honest and creditable. 2.alway畅肌扳可殖玖帮雪爆磨s helping other people.3.be right on the road,

Take the time to make some sense 花点时间去想清楚 Of what you want to say 你想要说的话有没有意义 And cast your words away upon the waves 让它随波逐流 Bring them back with Acquiesce 用默许地又将它们网回 On a ship of hope today 乘

a healthy eating habit do you have a healthy eating habit ?if you want to have a healthy eating habit , you must exercise.because as for our body it`s very important.well,in many countries,exercising is a good healthy lifestyle(生活方式)at the

My future will be happy. I already graduated at that time from the university. I will have a stable work.I will have my family, my husband,and a lovely child. What will be my future job? I have many ideals. I want to work as a singer, stands on the stage

my futureEveryone wants to know their future,but nobody knows it.I hope my future will like that.I think I will be an excellent lawyer in the future.I help many people who is in difficulty.I will help the people are in need,no matter they are rich or poor.Then I

In future,i want to be a language teacher in foreign.Because i like children and i am good with children.Also i think it is a meaningful job.I will study hard to make my dream come ture.In ten years,i am going to study guitar.Although i like it,i do not have

Behaving well is the secret of getting on well with others. How to behave well? And how to be a good student? My opinion is 1. be Polite, punctual, honest and creditable. 2.always helping other people.3.be right on the road, follow these rules, always

我的梦想 梦想是什么?每一个梦想都是心空舞台上闪烁的一颗颗耀眼明星,而每一颗幼小童心里诞生出来的梦想更是明星中最纯真、最美好的,就像嫩笋一般清爽可人.虽然当自己实现梦想之时,人们就可以骄傲地说:“我成功了!我圆梦了!

My future I like writing and taking photos, I have learnt to write and take photos for some years. I do well in them. So, when I grow up , I would like to be a reporter. To be a reporter ,I need many skills. First, I should write well and take photos well.

Well, When i was a kid, i hope that i can be a scientist in the near future. however, time flies, I wanna be a business man, and to live a simple life. i wll have sufficient foods, a wonderful house and a harmony family. Yep, as you can see, My future won't be splendid but warmly.望采纳.

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